Development of the Construction Activity

In the context of the development of construction activity, the construction of new and the demolition of entire buildings are taken into consideration. The illustrations on the development of new construction and demolition reflect the period 1995 to 2050. The underlying data from 1995 to 2022 are based on the construction activity statistics (Destatis o.J.). The data for the years 2023 to 2050 were calculated on the basis of the 12th coordinated population projection of the Federal Statistical Office (variant Vi-W1) and on average figures (in m² of usable and living space per capita) for new construction and demolition derived from past development (Banse, Effenberger 2006; Gruhler, Böhm 2011a; Schiller et al. 2010; StaBu 2009).

The usable space and living space in the buildings is recorded. This means that in the case of residential buildings, usable space for offices is included in addition to the living space when, for example, a flat is used as an office. In the case of non-residential buildings, living space is also included in addition to the usable space for the corresponding non-residential building use, e.g. if there is a caretaker's flat in the building. The usable and living space is shown in million m².