What kind of materials are used in our buildings?

Buildings contain 90% of the anthropogenic materials storage within Germany (Schiller et al. 2015).

The materials storage of the existing buildings in Germany amounted to 15,256 million tonnes.

More than 90% of this is, in turn, mineral materials such as concrete, bricks, sand-lime bricks as well as aggregates for fills (Deilmann et al. 2014, 2017).

Buildings are differentiated in terms of the materials from which they are made:  

Non-residential buildings (NRB) consist 40% of concrete. Brick and wood are used in smaller quantities. Conversely, the brick and wood content in residential buildings (single-family homes - SFH and multi-family homes –MFH) is appreciably higher. The material composition indicators for typical residential and non-residential buildings shall be described in this information system and made available to the public by means of download.






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