Flood risks

Our products and services regarding floods:


The development of our products and services have a different genesis. In addition to our own research, we were able to provide our methods and innovative approaches for tools that were developed in collaboration with project partners.

image: spatial risk modelling

Spatial Risk Modelling

Damage and risk modelling using inovative methods represents a long-standig research of the IOER. The model is mainly used in the context of spatial damage and risk assessment, as well as in priorisation and evaluation of flood mitigation measures, which also includes benefit cost analyses (BCA).
Bild Rainman Toolbox


The toolbox offers a comprehensive collection of methods, approaches, and solutions in dealing with heavy rain impacts. It is primarily addressed to municipalities and the public sector. However, it includes also valuable information for affected citizens and homeowners.
Bild FLOOD.Bi Tool


The web application provides object-related information on flood hazards, potential risks, and the effects of flood precaution measures. The tool supports the selection and implementation of these measures and it is particularly aimed at homeowners and technical planners.